5 Creative Date Ideas This Valentine’s Day

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Whilst we do believe that love should be expressed daily, it’s always nice to be reminded to put in a little more effort to celebrate your love on a special day, a.k.a St Valentine Day!

However, the hallmark holiday for Valentine’s Day flowers, gifts, and date nights can become downright stressful as lovers feel the pressure to charm their sweethearts with big romantic gestures. And to make things worse, the traditional dinner & movie may now be deemed boring clichés that just won’t cut it as romantic anymore. 

But not to worry! We got you covered with some fresh and invigorating ideas to spice up your date night this February 14. 

Meanwhile, check out this video from JinnyBoyTV for a quick V-Day themed laugh! 

Art & Wine 

valentine's day painting and wine session

Getting creative with some freestyle painting with a sip of delicious wine will definitely drum up some interesting and lively conversations throughout the night with your loved one. 

You don’t have to be a master artist to enjoy painting. In fact, it may be even better if you’re both amateurs watching each other fumble around to paint wacky & zany artworks, filling your relaxing night with endless laughter and joy. 

You’ll even get to exchange your paintings as gifts to remember the amazing night that you’ve had together.  


Glamping out in the night during February 14

If you love the idea of a close-to-nature, outdoor date night, but hate the thought of bugs, mud and dirt, then glamping is the perfect escapism for you. Also known as glamorous camping, glamping is a style of camping in nature-inspired spaces with luxurious, resort-style amenities so that you can recreate the camping feel & experience without all the hassle. 

Dreamy outdoor setting with a cozy tent pitched amongst serene sceneries, surrounded by nature with a cool & refreshing breeze under the twinkling starry night – how much more romantic can it get? 

Pose Away In A Photo Session

Having a photo session outdoors during St Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is all about creating lasting, sweet & loving memories with each other. And what better way to accomplish this than by having a photo session with your dearest, dressing up all nice and fancy, taking tons of pictures in fun & silly poses for a fun-filled day out. 

If you’re planning a photo session in a park, bringing along a romantic picnic will be a huge plus too in case you get snacky whilst taking adorable couple photos. But in short, having cute photos together will surely engrave this day of love onto your hearts for a lifetime.

Doing Volunteer Work Together

Carrying out social work during Valentine's Day

We believe that loving couples shower each other with affection all year round. So instead of spending more money on expensive date nights or Valentine’s Day gifts, why not pay it forward and give some love to others in need? 

Children’s homes, homeless shelters, or even animal shelters are always looking for more volunteers. So reach out and spread love & kindness through social works. 

You’ll still get to spend time with each other throughout the day and still get to give back to the community. It’s a win-win for everybody! 

Board Game Night

Hosting game night during Valentine's Day

Who ever said that Valentine’s Day should only be spent strictly in the presence of each other?

If you and your loved one have a thing for board games, hosting game night is a great way to bring other couples who love board games together for a night filled with laughs & amusement. You can even prepare a meal for everyone before you begin playing, or put out some nice wine & cheese platter to get the night started. 

Whether it’s a buzz-worthy new app, hipster card games, or the classics that have been around since the dawn of time, you’re definitely in for a fun bonding session, or perhaps even a test of your relationship when things get a little competitive! 

But whatever the case may be, you’re all in for a fun-filled V-day! 

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