Simply Hamper | 10 Date Night Ideas

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Real talk – dates are hard!

Coming with a new and fresh date idea can be difficult, especially when you’ve been in a relationship for some time. You’ve probably exhausted your options and date spots, from cafes to movies, to picnics and mall strolling. There can only be so many flower arrangements as gifts for her, and new Uniqlo shirts for him.

Ultimately, there are so many dinner-and-a-movie nights you can arrange before it gets stale, and your couch is starting to sag from the Netflix overuse. It’s even worse if you’re married with kids, and you devote all your time to them.

Dates at home don’t have to be McDonalds and staring at a screen for the 7th time in a month. Of course, the occasional Netflix binge doesn’t hurt after a long day of work, but there are times when a little creativity is needed for something fresh and new.

In celebration of love, we’ve come up with a list of cute and simple date alternatives that you and your loved one can partake in! There’s options for every budget, personality or location, and it should last you a few months worth of weekends.

Home Spa Night

Hit up the closest drugstore or mall for face masks, tweezers, massage oils, some slices of cucumber and moisturiser. Light up a couple of scented candles, turn on a relaxing playlist and lay back with warm towels on your eyes. A DIY spa session for both you and your beloved could be a relaxing activity… or an amusing one if one of you has never had their eyebrows tweezed.

Try Out A New Recipe

Explore the limits of your kitchen’s boundaries with a fun and engaging new recipe. Attempt to make an apple crumble from scratch, roast a whole stuffed turkey, or even something simple as trying out making your own sushi for the first time. Trying out a new dish can result in lots of laughter, and the best part is getting to eat your own creations – we can’t guarantee it’ll taste amazing though!

Explore a New Restaurant

From cheap eats to extravagant omakase dining, exploring a new restaurant is always a fun experience! When you’re used to eating at your favourite kopitiams or hotpot places, it’s nice to have a change once in a while. Check out a new night market or dress up for a fancy beef wellington. Pretend to be restaurant critics with your partner and judge the food and service in an over-the-top, hammy manner between yourselves.

Grocery Shopping

A chore as a date might raise eyebrows, but hear us out – we’re making this chore fun for both of you! We might be used to one person taking care of the grocery cart while the other runs off to find groceries, making the whole experience rather mundane. Turn the boring chore into a fun couple activity by using two carts – who said you only needed one? Split your list in half and make it a race to see who can find all the items first, or try memorising the shopping list and seeing who got most of the items correct.

Visiting Animals

Aquariums, zoos, cat cafes or petting zoos aren’t just for kids, contrary to popular belief! It’s rather comforting to look at animals or even pet them, and definitely works as a change of scenery as compared to the usual city life. For an added bonus, book a feeding session with penguins, or take a tractor ride around a farm to add a little jazz into the outdoor experience!

Decluttering Together

A chore as a date may not sound fun at first, but there’s something special about it when you’re tackling it with a partner. Maybe while cleaning, you stumble upon an old bookmark from your first date, or sort through clothes that you wore before your wedding. Decluttering items helps to clear space while taking you down memory lane with your loved one!

A Hotel Stay

Whether you choose a 5-star hotel with a breakfast buffet, or rent an AirBnB for the night, you’re essentially taking a mini vacation for yourselves! Unwind, relax, and unplug yourselves from the hustle, and enjoy a quiet time in bed in a room that you don’t have to clean. Bask in the sun by the hotel pool or visit the other facilities they have to offer during your stay.

Assembling a Puzzle

Depending on the size of the puzzle, this might take several date nights. Crouching over a thousand-piece puzzle with your loved one may not be a common way to spend your evenings, but give it a try! There’s just something incredibly satisfying about clicking puzzle pieces into place and watching a picture come to life – plus, it helps to keep your brains active as compared to mindlessly watching a Netflix series on 1.5x speed.

Ride Public Transportation

Who said you had to travel to another country? Ride the subway to the end of the line, or take the bus to a new part of town for an adventure that’s easy on the wallet. Try out new food there, explore shoplots or take pictures around landmarks there. You’ll be able to have fun together in places you don’t go to often!

Spice Up Your Date with Simply Hamper!

We hope that some of these cute date ideas work for you, no matter if you’re taking someone on a first date, or celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary.

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