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Did you know that Chinese New Year is celebrated over 15 Days?

Traditionally, the festivities begin on the eve of Chinese New Year, when families gather together for the annual reunion dinner. Though, as aforementioned, the custom can stretch to the fifteenth day; with each day having special meaning and traditions to honor.

First Day (New Year’s Day)

The first day of the New Year, also known as the yuandan, is the time to welcome deities and visit the elders in the family to pay one’s respects to them, and in return, receive their blessings. Angpao are then given by parents to their children, as well as elders to those who are unmarried and younger than them.

Second Day

The second day is traditionally a time for married women to visit their maiden homes, in other words known as huímén, where married daughters return home to visit their parents with their husband and children to renew ties with their families.

Third Day

Known as the “Loyal Dog Day”, the third day is a day of rest. In contrast to the other days, no visiting is done on the third day as it is considered to be an inauspicious day. Thus, conservative Chinese businesses do not open until after the fifth day of the Lunar New Year.

Seventh Day

The seventh day is known as renri or yan-yat (meaning “birthday of man”, “day of man”, “day of humanity” or “everyman’s birthday”). Traditionally, this day is known as “Human Day, the birthday of all common people.

Customs in celebrating the seventh day differs from place to place. In Singapore and Malaysia, yusheng (a dish with raw fish and a salad that includes shredded carrots, radish, ginger, spring onions and red chilli, lemon leaves, pickled leeks, crispy fried biscuits) is served and eaten together in honor of this special day.

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Ninth Day

The Jade Emperor’s birthday falls on the ninth day of the first lunar month. The Jade Emperor is believed to be the God of Heaven and is said to have been born several millennia before the current era. Thus, on this day the Hokkien Chinese hold prayers and make offerings to the Jade Emperor.

Fifteenth day

The final day, known as the “First Night Festival” marks the first full moon of the New Year. Because lanterns are lighted and carried, it is also known as the Lantern Festival. On this day, families gather and eat tang yuan – glutinous rice balls in sweet soup – which symbolize reunion.

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