5 DIY Care Package Ideas During This Pandemic

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The ongoing pandemic has radically affected the psychological and social lives of many. As we are working together to curb the spread of this uber-contagious virus, the moments we get to spend with others have become few and far between. In turn, this inevitably drove a wedge between many relationships, leaving millions of us to feel lonely at times during this pandemic. 

While nothing can compare to the jovial times with friends and family, gifting is a nice way to remind our loved ones that our thoughts are with them. Sending something simple like beautiful flower arrangements or gift hampers can make all the difference especially if our loved ones are feeling down and under during the lockdowns. 

But even better still, DIY-ing your very own care package will really make your gift meaningful and memorable. So read on for some refreshing inspiration and ideas to personalise your care package today! 

Remember, not all gifts must be tangible! Check out Darshika Kathane’s 20 virtual/online gift ideas for a fantastic lockdown surprise! 

Home Baked Treats

Homemade baked treats during quarantine

One good thing about the stay-at-home orders is that we’ve been granted a lot more free time to discover new hobbies and interests. If you’ve recently joined the hype of learning to bake, then you should definitely consider including your homemade treats into your care package! 

Everybody loves a sweet treat every once in a while, and it also gives you the chance to show off your new found talents too. It’s also extra gratifying knowing that your loved one will appreciate and enjoy a gift that you’ve made from scratch! 

Hobby & Activity Kits

Adult colouring kit during lockdowns

Speaking of hobbies, you can also inspire your friends and loved ones to pick up new interests by gifting them hobby or activity kits. These kits are great for beginners and will certainly provide them with an entertaining means to pass the time while stuck at home. 

There are various different hobby kits available out there. Calligraphy kits, adult colouring books, soap making kits, stamp making kits, painting starter kits and so many more – the possibilities for fun and learning are endless! 

Self-Care Products

Self-care package for loved ones during pandemic

Being stuck alone in the room with all that time to yourself can’t be all that bad… that is if you know how to make the best of it. Put together a little care package of self-care products like refreshing face masks, body lotions and creams, lavender bath salts, essential oil diffuser, fragrant candles, and the like, so that your loved ones can pamper themselves while in quarantine. 

If you can’t bring them out for a spa, then bring the spa to them! Be sure to check out our Botanica series on our website if you’re looking for fragrant candles and beautifully preserved flowers to spruce up your loved one’s bedroom! 

Cosy Household Accessories

Cosy home accessories for lockdown

Since people everywhere are cooped at home, comfortable home apparels have taken over the world by storm. Pamper your loved ones with cosy household apparels like fluffy bath robes, woolly house slippers, and velvet pyjamas to really redefine their stay-at-home experience. 

You can also cozify their living space by including soft fleece rugs, comfy bed linens, quality pillow casings and other home accessories to really help them relax and create their very own at-home staycay experience. 


Flowers for loved ones during pandemic

Flowers are not reserved for special occasions only. Sending flowers to someone is a surefire way to boost their mood and make their day, as well as improving their emotional and mental state. There is an abundance of fresh flowers to choose from that will help your loved ones enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of their own homes. 

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