5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

valentine's day flowers

Finding the perfect gift for the special person in your life can be a stressful task at times. It’s only natural to believe that your sweetheart deserves nothing but the best, and that no cheap or gimmicky Valentine’s Day gift is ever good enough for them. But this inevitably leads to stalling or putting off shopping for the right gifts… until it’s too late. 

Well, to our fellow procrastinators out there, the time is nigh and the day of love is upon us. If you’ve yet to find the ideal gift for your dearest, don’t panic just yet!

We’ve got you covered with a list of perfect last minute gift ideas. 

Also, check out this video from Mens Fashioner that just might inspire you with some more romantic gift ideas.

Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day gifts don’t necessarily have to only be about romance. A gift that really adds value to your partner’s lifestyle will greatly reflect just how much you care & pay attention to their interests & way of life. 

So with that being said, determining what type of person your loved one is will give you a clear insight of what to look for when finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him or her. 

Let’s get started! 

For the coffee aficionados 

valentine's day iced coffee gifts

For some, caffeine is just another way to get a boost of energy to grind through work or studies. But for others, it can be a passion or hobby that has become their way of life. So if your partner is one to make regular trips to Starbucks to perk up their mornings, then you’re in luck because there are tons of coffee-inspired gifts out there! 

Cold brew coffee makers, Nespresso coffee machines, adorable coffee mugs & tumblers, exquisite & uniquely designed coasters, delicious coffee beans or blends, and so many more – whatever it is, these gifts will definitely make the caffeine enthusiast in them squeal in delight. 

For the workaholics 

valentine's day massage gun to relax during work

Even the highfliers & hustlers need a break every once in a while. And what better way to help the busy bee in your life unwind & loosen up than a relaxing massage? 

But we hate to break it to you. Your shoulder rubs just aren’t cutting it anymore. A portable massage gun is certainly more effective in loosening up those tight knots and aching muscles from sitting on the office chair all day long. 

For the music lovers

bluetooth speaker and headphones for music

It is undeniable that music is beautiful & transcends emotions that can’t be expressed through words. If your darling sweetheart loves to sing in the shower or enjoys jogging with some music on, then a high-quality bluetooth speaker or earbuds should definitely be your go-to gift this Valentine’s Day. 

You can also double-up by gifting music-streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music via gift cards for your loved one to stream millions of songs or podcasts in HD. Listening to music together is also a magical experience that you can both enjoy together over a romantic dinner on this St Valentine’s Day!

For the sentimental romantics

Polaroid camera for creating memories this valentine's day

An instax or polaroid camera will definitely appeal to the sentimental side of your partner. There’s just something so desirable about creating instant memories with ease. With just a click of the button, the camera will instantly print out a developed photo that is ready to be displayed at any time. And it’s certainly way more fun than taking another boring ol’ selfie on your smartphone! 

Bonus tip! If you already own an instax camera and have lots of photos of you & your sweetheart, then you can create a homemade collage to remind your loved one of all the wonderful times that you’ve had together. The internet is full of quirky & aesthetic collage ideas for polaroid photos at your disposal. 

For the one who needs to chill

Aromatic oil diffusers and scented candles for creating a romantic atmosphere

Aromatic oil diffusers and scented candles create a peaceful & tranquil living space for your partner to come home to. If they are always bustling & hustling at work, aromatherapy is an excellent addition to help reduce the stress and tension from their everyday routine. Not just that, mellow or floral scents can also induce romance and add a sensual touch to your night. 

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