5 Things You Should Do Before Chinese New Year 2022

Chinese new year red packet exchange

Chinese New Year is all about loved ones, traditions, and of course, exchanging red packets with family members! As it’s one of the most exciting times of the year, most of us are waiting restlessly while working at our office or home desk. If you’re one of those who can’t contain their excitement, we’ve got you covered! Before the arrival of Chinese New Year 2022, here are a few traditions you can follow at your workplace to make sure you get a good start to the year! 

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Before we move on to our list of Lunar New Year office traditions, watch this video for some quick tips on how to enhance your luck for the upcoming year!

Chinese New Year red packets

Place A Red Envelope In Your Desk Drawer

Kicking off our list of traditions is something that will really fill you with some much-needed Chinese New Year spirit! First, you can place a few red envelopes on your desk before the end of your last work day. This will help you gain some luck as we usher in the new year, while also adding some auspicious red colour to your office.

For an extra dose of luck, you can follow some simple steps to start off the new year the right way. Get your red envelopes, then jot down your lucky number, Chinese zodiac number, and place the paper in your envelopes! 

Chinese New Year cleaning

Clean Up Your Office Space

We’re all aware that the weeks prior to Chinese New Year require some extensive cleaning. However, you can start by cleaning your office space to make sure there is room for good luck this upcoming year. The best way to begin tidying up is to remove every item on your desk! 

This will make it easier for the first wipe down. After you’re done, place each item at its designated space in an organised manner; resulting in easy access to everything. 

Once your cleaning is complete, you’ll be able to work efficiently, and it’ll invite some good luck, since the clutter has disappeared!

Chinese New Year mandarin oranges on desk

Place Mandarin Oranges On The Desk

Tis’ the season for luck-inducing rituals! After you’ve decorated your desk with bright red envelopes, it’s time to bring out the mandarin oranges! Mandarin oranges symbolise good luck and fortune, so there’s no harm in placing a few around your desk. But be sure to place them strategically; you don’t want to knock them over and accidentally trip on one! 

Include Potted Plants

It’s not Chinese New Year without including a few festive-looking potted plants! Based on ancient tradition, plants are a great way to bring in some luck to your work life. So, as your new  plants grow, we hope your luck expands with them! 

Woah! You’ll be brimming with luck once you’ve completed this list! 

Pay Off All Debts

Last, but definitely not least, pay off every cent you owe! Whether it’s as small as a  parking ticket or paying back your colleague for lunch, you should head into the new year absolutely debt-free. This will ensure peace of mind, minimal bad luck, and a year filled with opportunity to grow your finances even further!

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