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Alexis is the face behind the Simply Hamper business, a boutique flower and hamper delivery service in Singapore that is taking the sector by storm from award winning baby-safe products to captivating corporate hamper designs. As a company we offer specialised flower & hamper delivery services island-wide with a keen-eye for the finer details by going above and beyond the call of duty to meet our clients’ needs and at times exceed expectations!

Aq-Fx9OIKs9lXMsIr-_WHeVI6_fPUdNVOP2uHhLAMGJXNaturally, our wonderful Baby Hampers for mums and new-borns really sparked Radio 938 LIVE’s interest in our budding hamp-preneur and led Howie to bring him in for an interview with 938 Live, reliving his aspirations for gorgeous floral designs and how a month in a flower shop led him to where he is today.

In case you missed our interview, here are some highlights of the discussion that took place:

Tell us a little about yourself and the business…

I’m a hamper and floral designer based in Singapore. I love designing hampers and bouquets – every single little thing about them! I strive to create an inspiring floral experience with designs that are tailored specifically for each of my clients. I love using unexpected elements with seasonal, beautiful blooms and only use the finest quality products for budgets both big and small. I am committed to making each gift a truly unforgettable and lovely affair.

Could you tell us what prompted your interest in the hamper industry

I started learning this trade at a ripe age of 15 as my aunt ran a traditional hamper business in Singapore; one of the earliest hamper businesses that operated on Geylang Road. During the festive season such as “Chinese New Year” passer-by’s will notice a stretch of hamper displays all along Geylang Road. You may have even caught a glimpse of one of my early designs at the time.

I was a greenhorn back then, starting out as a hamper packer and found myself designing hampers for her business.

Gradually, my passions drove me to realise that making hampers can turn out to be very surprising with each arrangement being unique in its own way.

What makes Simply Hamper different from the others?

Some people think that a florist has set arrangements or pictures to go by, but in my job, every arrangement is a surprise. You have to be able to visualise in segments, and not be constantly worried about the end result. I have always believed that sending a gift reflects a lot about your sense of taste and style and the emotion you wish to convey to the recipient.

We are very concerned about our customer’s experience because freshness and quality of our products are a priority and few businesses come close to sharing our passions as strongly as we do.

I want them to be happy with their purchases because we are equally concerned about how the gifts turn out.

Is it difficult to design or develop a gift-hamper?

Not as easy as we originally perceived, a Gift Basket Designer or GBD needs to understand the theme of the hampers and the event celebrated.

Typically, a baby shower hamper can be vastly different from a year old baby’s birthday hamper. We want to engage a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others which is why we generally include more educational products into the hamper, such as soft activity books, puppets and stacking blocks for the baby shower hampers.

Furthermore, the GBD needs to set the design direction, pick the right colour combination to suit the theme, which aids in sourcing for the right materials to complete the hamper; baskets, shreds, ribbons etc.

There’s a lot of quick and last minute adjustments that comes with baby hamper designs. It can be hard until you let it go a little bit, relax, find the solution and move forward. In my career this far, there has always been a solution.

What are the unique products in Simply Hamper?

We offer bespoke personalised corporate hampers that leave a memorable impression for each unique request.

It isn’t merely a gift to build relationships, it makes an excellent tool for publicity as well.

What makes it different from other corporate hampers on the market?

We have done the legwork for you, and trawled the web and shops for gifts with a difference – a wide selection of treats that you can choose from, depending on your needs. It comes in a vintage briefcase with a luxury wrapped packaging. Customers are able to put their company logo, add brand imagery and even personalised greeting messages.

More often than not, it leaves customers in a daze of awe, making them wonder how much thought went behind designing and producing the corporate hamper.

Another product would be our mummy and baby gift hampers. We emphasise on using award winning ingredients from California babies, Gaia Babies, Skip hop, Bbox and more.

I personally stumbled upon these products when purchasing gifts for my new-born. Upon finding out that they incorporated baby safe properties i.e., lead-free tec and have educational content, numerous parents, especially mums have called to tell me how much they love the products!

When did you set up Simply Hamper and where are you based?

We are currently based in Singapore. However, it is my dream to take Simply Hamper out of its nesting coop and go regional. Places in Malaysia, like Kuala Lumpur look to be viable strongholds where customers are looking for quality products and will pay a premium for them!

When a good idea comes up, there will always be imitations. How do you deal with it?

Like any other profession, there is a lot of competition in this field as well. I strive to be innovative and creative by reviewing market trends and proposing possible designs to suit.

For instance, we noticed a recent trend picking up with children enjoying the company of zoo animals and decided to include a “Sophie the Giraffe tether” in our baby hampers to keep things interesting for the kids and parents alike.

Any advice to give someone who would like to start a hamper business?

They need to be innovative and understand what their unique selling point is. Once you have that in place, the budget is yours because creativity is endless!

We would like to express our gratitude to Radio 938 LIVE for their excellent coverage of Simply Hamper. The positive exposure they gave our firm on the local news segment provided the community with a nice introduction to our goals and services. We appreciate the professionalism with which their news team handled both the interview and our staff. We are glad to say that customer response has dramatically increased since their newscast. As one of the smaller firms in this area, we are indeed grateful for their willingness to include us in their coverage. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone involved.

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