How Flowers with Free Delivery in Singapore Can Help You Survive Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is less than 2 weeks away and for men who have yet to begin planning for the special occasion, Valentine’s Day flowers with free delivery are probably their best hope for surviving this Valentine’s Day… but only if these flowers are given the right way. Pick the right Valentine’s Day gift with free delivery from the list below now to help you send the right message.

A Snuggly Gift

Valentine’s Day Flowers Delivery – Lovebirds

Even today, scientist are baffled by the reason why women are comforted at the presence of plushies. One of the theories presented suggests that, similar to how pet owners name and talk to their pets, women subconsciously view plushies as friends with feelings and names. Hence, in theory, by placing plushies in the right position, one can inspire feelings of love and romance like a movie does.

For example, Simply Blooms’ Lovebirds comes with two plushies that are strategically placed to, in theory, create an illusion of two lovers running through a garden of Valentine’s Day flowers. With free island-wide delivery in Singapore, the Timeless Remembrance series features some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts that provides the most value.

A Pleasant Surprise

Valentine’s Day Flowers Delivery – Magical Mystery

It looks like a pleasant surprise is key to a happy relationship. According to editor Jill Suttie who holds a Doctors in Psychology, “the act of surprising each other in a relationship can help keep the flames of romance burning”.

With full-bloom Valentine’s Day flowers sealed within a box and tied with a ribbon, Simply Blooms’ Magical Mystery series is designed to trigger curiosity and gives its recipients a pleasant surprise. To top it off, every product in this series comes with free island-wide delivery and the elegant box that comes with the Valentine’s Day flowers can be reused to store everyday items such as cosmetic products, making it a gift that is romantic, economical and environmentally-friendly.

A Bold Declaration

Valentine’s Day Flowers Delivery – Charmed Again

Did you know? More than 75% of Singaporeans use social media and if she is active in social media, chances are, she will also like a bouquet of fresh Valentine’s Day flowers with a modern  twist because she would be able to share her beautiful gift on social media. Moreover, since a bouquet of fresh flowers are a traditional message of love and companionship during Valentine’s Day, it will almost be as if Facebook has seeped into reality – a real-life post that tells the world how much she means to you.

Using the free delivery services that come with every Valentine’s Day flower bouquets offered by Simply Blooms, one can have this message of love sent to their significant other’s work station to boast his love for her.

Ready to make your decision? Visit the Valentine’s Day page now to place your order!


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