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Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You …

The phrase has become so popular that it has spawned a myriad of products that range from birthday cards to cakes. Birthdays have become a tradition that has spanned generations, and what would life be like without presents, cakes or greetings on your birthday?

The origin of birthdays is interesting to note. It was believed that gift giving emerged hundreds of years ago in Europe. People had a notion that during a person’s birthday, evil spirits would appear to bring harm to the celebrant. It was a belief that giving presents to the celebrant would ward off the evil spirits.

Nowadays, birthday gifts come in various shapes and sizes. A great way to surprise someone and leave them a with memorable impression would be a beautiful hamper decked with thoughtfulness.

Simply Hamper offers a range of hampers carefully curated for special occasions, such as birthdays.

Here are a few of our top picks which can be the perfect birthday gift for your family, spouse, friend or even colleague.

1. A Superhero’s Secret

A Superhero's Secret - Birthday Hamper Singapore

Is finding the perfect gift for your husband or male friend giving you a mental strain? Leave your worries behind and wow them with this gift, specially designed to make him swoon. From Men’s Health magazine to organic chocolate biscotti, this exquisite gift basket will leave him with an unforgettable memory.

2. Girl Power

Girl Power - Birthday Hamper Singapore

The quest of finding the perfect birthday gift for her leads to this specially designed hamper. Bubbling with “Girl Power” from fragrance diffuser to moisturizing body lotion, this gift basket will take her breath away and bring a smile to her face.

3. Essential Comfort

Essential Comfort - Birthday Hamper Singapore

Getting gifts for babies can be a breeze with this delightful hamper that will bring a big smile on the little one’s face. With a bunny plush toy to keep the baby company and a set of baby-friendly products, the hamper will make every baby chuckle with delight.

4. Fresh ‘N Fit

Fresh ‘N Fit - Birthday Hamper Singapore

Do you have a busy colleague or friend who’s constantly working very hard on their job? Give them a pleasant surprise on their birthday with this hamper, thoughtfully curated to invigorate the recipient. Packed with a range of nutritious goodies from bird’s nest to cranberries oatmeal cookies, this exquisite gift basket is a breath of fresh air to the recipient’s busy lifestyle.

5. Kids Treat Gift Pack


Every kid will gush with delight at this wonderful gift for their birthday. With a vibrant balloon that will lit up their face and make them smile, this hamper oozes with “kid coolness”, delighting kids with healthy goodies from chocolate koala crisps to milo pack drinks.

We Always Provide Free Hamper Delivery in Singapore
Even though we may have highlighted some of these picks as birthday gifts, there are still many more you can browse right on Simply Hamper’s website. We offer more gift choices which suit different needs, from fruity hampers for the fruit lovers to flowery hampers for those who can’t get enough of flowers.
Make someone’s birthday an unforgettable memory today.

Corporate Gift Hampers - Simply HamperBased in Singapore, Simply Hamper offers free hamper delivery within the borders of Singapore. If you’d like, you can order your hampers online here.

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