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Flowering Tea Gift Set - Simply Blooms

The British are known for their afternoon teas, the Chinese are known for their ceramic tea sets, the Japanese are known for their tea ceremonies… with so many ethnic groups and citizens from different countries having a cultural heritage related to tea, it can be easy to see why a flowering tea gift set is great for a wide range of recipients, including business partners and clients.

Below are 3 specific reasons why a flowering tea gift set is a surprisingly great corporate gift.

1) A Flowering Tea Gift Set Hints Classiness

As mentioned earlier, tea comes with a rich history. In the mid 17th century, Britain imported their tea from China and the high travelling cost made it only accessible to high-income families, royalties and socialites. Hence, only royalties and socialites were able to afford and drink tea – often in their lovely gardens – with their friends. 1As time passed, tea became more popular and common but the perception of it being a luxurious product remained.

A flowering tea gift set, with a canister of tea packed in a specially designed bloom box, is therefore a great corporate gift for recipients who love tea.

2) Flowering Tea as a Healthier Gift

The Chinese has always regarded tea as a medicinal product and science has further proven that. In addition to lowering the risk of dementia, tea also protects our body against cancer and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. This makes tea a healthier alternative to wine and beer.

flowering tea gift set - Juan Fruity Tea Indigo

As usual, Simply Blooms includes only the best in our product and the tea produced by our corporate partner – Juan Tea – is well-known in Singapore for its health benefits and delicious taste. Pairing this exquisite product with Simply Blooms’ fresh flowers, the flowering tea gift set –  created is more than delightful – it is luxurious.

3) A Sign of Deep Respect

Looking for a way to show appreciation and respect to your business partner and/or client? A flowering tea gift set may be exactly what you’re looking for, especially if you and/or your client is a Chinese.

In the past, serving tea is a sign of deep respect in China. That is why during a traditional Chinese wedding, the couple would kneel in front of their elders and present their elders with a cup of tea. 3While tea has since evolved to being a generic yet popular drink, the notion of a younger person serving tea to an older person is still being regarded as a sign of respect.

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