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Finding a gift for the man of the house on Father’s Day isn’t always an easy task! I know that I used to struggle to find the perfect gift for my father to thank him for all the sacrifices he’d made for me and my siblings. He had always been a tough guy and rarely ever showed emotion, so it was difficult to gauge the best gift option for him. That’s when I discovered that food 

Singapore is a viable option, and I’ve never looked back.

If you are stumped trying to figure out the best Father’s Day gift for your own dad, then you’re in luck, because these food hampers are fantastic options that have you covered! Each one is unique and tailored to different preferences and needs.

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  1. Esteem (Red Wine)


This incredible gourmet hamper from Singapore is decadent, delightful, and chock-full of delicious treats and sophisticated red wine, making it perfect for a father with a refined palate and high expectations.

With wine, dried fruits, various sweet treats, cookies and even a tea book wrapped together in an Exquisite Gift Hamper, this gourmet basket with free delivery is wonderful for a smooth, cultured, and cultivated father who appreciates the finer things in life.

  1. Delight (Non-Alcoholic)


This variety of gourmet hampers Singapore is the best gift for a father with a bit of a sweet tooth to satisfy! It’s packed to the brim with indulgent and refined chocolate varieties, topped off with a sparkling beverage that is ideal for a father who wants a fancy drink without the alcohol!

Packaged in an Exquisite Gift Hamper basket and delivered by post straight to your father’s doorstep, this abundantly delicious hamper is sure to satisfy any father’s sugar craving in a manner that is still relatively healthy.

  1. Superman Wannabe


It’s not just food hampers that make fantastic gifts for fathers. A good choice of a wellness hamper Singapore can up the ante when it comes to Father’s Day gifts. It’s a great option for the health-conscious and wellness-minded dads. We know fathers sometimes try to tough it out and act like they’re fine even in sickness, so some healthy food gift baskets are a great way to say “Get Well Soon”!

This wellness hamper that contains some appetizing and scrumptious healthy snacks and drinks as well as a copy of Men’s Health Magazine, wrapped in an Exquisite Gift Basket, is sure to help an ill father on his road to recovery through rest and recuperation. What better way to give back to the man who has cared for you all your life than by caring for him in return?

  1. Clarity


Flowers are beautiful gestures of love and appreciation, and when they’re paired with soothing teas and yummy cookies, they’re sure to satisfy a father who appreciates a good, sweet gesture every now and then. This hamper set takes the spotlight for this amazing trio of treats.

The first item in this flower gift set is the Simply Blooms

Hand Bouquet, beautifully arranged in a delicate formation of fresh flowers in eye-catching colors. Accompanying these gorgeous florals are the unique and flavoursome Old Seng Choong Putu Mayam Cookies, designed to put a modern twist on a much-loved traditional flavor, and some relaxing and calming Juan Tea Relaxing Blue Tea, lovingly made to be healthy, natural, and satisfactory in every which way.

This lovely set of flowers, tea, and cookies is one of many healthy food gift baskets that are sure to warm the heart of any father and present them with a unique and interesting Father’s Day gift they won’t soon forget.

  1. Flower + Juan Tea Rainbow

jun-blog-1.5This tantalizing and versatile gift is perfect to present to a father who enjoys trying new things and loves outright gestures of love and appreciation. A charming floral arrangement accompanies a wide array of palatable and ambrosial teas that will put a smile on a father’s face.

This beautiful flowering tea gift encompasses a stunning and decorative fresh floral arrangement from Simply Blooms and Juan Tea’s Mixed Rainbow Tea Bags that consist of seven divine flavors that are piquant and unique. By simply adding one of the silk tea bags into 225ml of hot water promises a luscious and flavorful beverage that is both relaxing and heavenly.

This hamper is a real treat for fathers who like a good spin on old classics in a sophisticated and regal manner, and for those who have gentle hearts and appreciate symbolic gifts of love and affection.

  1. Fruity Surprisefruity-surprise

    Of all the healthy food gift baskets, this one takes the cake. A great get well soon gift basket for the health-conscious father, this basket of fresh and high-quality fruits is a great present for those who love the virtues of a healthy snack.

A colorful selection of juicy and fresh fruits are presented in this food hamper, perfect for consumption the moment they arrive. But it’s not just fruits in this basket. The hamper also contains a box of sweet Belgian Chocolates and delectable savory tea to add an extra allure and complete the tasting palate of this great gift.

This is a great present for a father who is committed to a healthy lifestyle, and it’s sure to bring a smile to his face on Father’s Day!

There’s no shortage of great Father’s Day gift ideas out there, especially once you consider the multitude and variety to be found in food hampers. Take a look around and you’re sure to find one that your father will love!

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