Gifts For This Father’s Day

father's day gift

Buying a gift for a man is possibly one of the hardest things to do, especially if that man is your father. He might talk a big game about not wanting anything special for celebrations, and that your undivided love and attention is enough-but you know it goes against your goodwill to skip out on a present.

Mother and daughter about to surprise dad with a father's day gift

So think bigger when you’re shopping for dad (or even grandad!) for the holidays, Father’s Day, birthdays, or any other occasion, especially when he’s told you he doesn’t need a gift-but you’re going to get him one anyway.  

For this Father’s Day in 2022, it’s time to think outside the box for some potential gift ideas. Let’s get into it and talk about some gifts for five different types of dads!

For The Gentleman Dad

Monogrammed handkerchief and tie as potential father's day gifts

Monogrammed handkerchiefs or ties are a classy gift for any businessman, and work well as the perfect Father’s Day present. They are both classic and stylish, as well as dapper and practical! Chances are he will whip them out to wear or use in the office or on other formal occasions, more often than usual.

Classy, engraved pen on black background

If your dad doesn’t carry a handkerchief or wear a tie often, another option is to gift him an engraved pen. A classy gift, for a classy man! Personalize with papa’s initials, or even your own. That way, he can carry a memory of you around everywhere he goes.

For Dads With a Sweet Tooth

When it comes to dads, there are mostly two types: those who can’t seem to vibe with sugar rush, and those who have a serious sweet tooth. But for the dads that belong to that second category, we’ve got some sweet treat recommendations ready for you!

Little girl eating cake with grandfather for father's day

For those looking for a Happy Father’s Day cake, check out our gorgeous Apple of My Eye— certainly a fitting name for the occasion! It’s a delicious hybrid of apple crumble and cheesecake, made with fresh seasonal apples and Cat & the Fiddle’s cream cheese filling. This scrumptious cake comes with a beautiful flower bouquet, perfect for Father’s Day. In case your dad has a smaller stomach for desserts but still enjoys them, try out our Mini Blackforest Floral Box for a cute cake, paired with the Father’s Day flowers. 

If you’re not in the market for cakes, chocolates are always a safe bet! Whip up a creative little Father’s Day chocolate bouquet for a neat treat, or buy a pre-packaged chocolate hamper. A suggestion would be our Chocolate Mood hamper, featuring gourmet chocolate treats from Beryl’s, along with other tidbits that are sure to make papa happy. 

Interested in other options? Visit our Flowers And Cakes Gifts page to find another yummy cake, or scroll through our Flowers, Teas & Cookies bundles! 

On-The-Go With Dad

Does your dad have an adventurous streak? Maybe he enjoys taking the train and going around, shopping or going about doing his favorite outdoor activities. If that’s the case, it would be a cute idea to get him a bucket hat!

Happy dad wearing a bucket hat gifted to him on Father's Day

Perfect for the hot weather, an outdoors-ey dad will love a comfortable and stylish bucket hat. Not only will it protect him from the weather, it also looks adorable. We promise, he’ll get a lot of use out of it while scoring bonus points with the neighborhood aunties.

Flask as a potential father's day gift

Another gift idea for the go-getter dads is a carry-on, insulated cup that can double as a flask, such as a Thermos or other similar branded flasks. A sturdy stainless steel flask, designed to be versatile, would be an excellent companion for the great outdoors. Thanks to the spill-proof and splash-proof flip lid, your favorite person can now enjoy his favorite drink without worry.

Wine-and-Dine With Dad

If your dad dabbles in the occasional alcoholic drink, consider what your dad enjoys—he might prefer beer to wine, or even other non-alcoholic beverages. If you’re in the market for a good bottle of wine, check out our premium selection here. 

Our best-selling Malesan Vin De France Rouge comes with a decorated box of Hamlet Assorted Belgian Chocolates. For fathers who appreciate flowers, the Le Morette Bardolino Classico With Flowers & Chocolates is a fan-favorite choice as well! 

Wine glasses as a Father's Day gift

Besides the wine itself, getting matching wine glasses for you and your dad (or even for both your parents!) is also a wonderful gift idea. Double points if the wine glasses come together with the wine to enjoy.

Home Sweet Home, Dear Dad

Son massaging happy dad for Father's Day

Perhaps dear old dad prefers to keep things simple even on special occasions; a delicious meal, a nice glass of alcohol, and a quiet, pleasant weekend spent with the family at home. In cases like that, prepare his favorite meals in advance and make sure the house is neat and tidy for the special day.

Homecooked food for Father's Day

One of the best gifts you can give Dad on Father’s Day is an incredible home-cooked meal. Sure, you could just take him out to a restaurant, but it’ll mean a whole lot more if you make it yourself! If you’re less adept at cooking in the kitchen, order takeout from his favorite restaurant, and pair it with a couple of fine wines or desserts. 

To end the day on a sweet note, you could surprise dear old dad with a box of tonic. It’s common nowadays for people to gift health tonics on special occasions, especially as a gift for dad! Visit our Tonic Hampers page to see more.

Son presenting father with a gift for Father's Day

These gifts not only suit Father’s Day, but are perfect for any other special occasion that involves dear ol’ dad. If you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for your father, revisit this list for potential birthday gift inspiration! 

We have plenty of Father’s Day hampers available for your dad’s special day, and Father’s Day bouquets work as a cute idea too! If you’re still on the lookout for the best Father’s Day gifts available on the market in Singapore, visit our Simply Hamper website. Check out what we have to offer, and have your favorites delivered straight to your doorstep.


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