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It may be challenging to show the people around you that you care about them, especially on a regular basis. You don’t have to wait for a special holiday or occasion to express your love and gratitude to them. There’s no need for a grand speech when you’re planning to convey your feelings vocally. It’s often the little things and actions that make another person feel appreciated and loved. For example, from receiving gifts to simply being asked if they’re doing alright.

The most opportune time for a gift would be a surprise. Most people love surprises, especially if that surprise contains something that helps them, makes their life a little easier, or just generally gives them a serotonin boost. We’re bringing you 10 of our best-selling choices from our wide array of gift hampers. Consider purchasing one of them to surprise that loved one of yours on any occasion!

Essence Extraordinary

Right off the bat, we’re introducing one of our best, most versatile choices for a hamper that shows you care. Made for any occasion such as Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, corporate gifting or simply as a Get Well Soon hamper, the Essence Extraordinary is one of our top picks for a gift hamper.

This hamper contains a set of Bu Yi Shuen essence of chicken with ginseng & cordyceps. It’s an extract of the finest quality chicken, combined with different precious herbs. It contains additional Fomec‘s Berry Essence, ready-to-eat chicken porridge from Taste Asia and Double Swallow bird’s nest in an exquisite gift box. A healthy hamper with no artificial colouring, flavouring and preservatives like this is perfect for any occasion indeed.

Work From Home Pack

This pack is highly recommended for loved ones still stuck at home or struggling in self-quarantine. It also works for those who overall are just feeling down, and want some alone time.

This Work From Home Pack comes with a high-quality insulated tumbler with a strainer, as well as a USB mini fan. Additionally, it comes with some indulgent, me-time goodies such as aloe vera fresh face mask sheets and Yogood gourmet muesli. 

As a bonus, the set includes Orjena Hand Gel Sanitizer with camellia leaf extract. Ensure that your loved one stays safe and protected! Top it all off with Kenny Rogers cereal cookies and Farm House UHT milk, and you have the perfect care package.

Box of Life

Another one of our best-sellers! It promises joy and good health to everyone, suitable for a sick friend, an elderly parent or even your bestie. Ensure that your loved one has a healthy nutrient intake, sustainable energy levels, and a fast mental and/or physical recovery. 

This exquisite gift hamper is packed in a tray basket filled with goodies. There are Kellogg’s cereal, oatmeal cookies, premium fruit tea from Teekanne, fruity crisps and crackers. To top it all off, this health-blessed hamper includes premium Innershine Berry Essence from Brand’s. You heard it from us – our Box of Life will help anyone recover, feel happier, and restore energy!

Shades of Sweetness

Tea is not just refreshing — it offers a host of health benefits! Studies have shown that tea helps our bodies cool down, strengthens our immune systems, prevents inflammation and tummy troubles, and even helps lose weight.

Encourage your loved one to feel rejuvenated with this exquisite blend of roselle, dragon fruit, and rose hip. This is a special blend from Juan Tea in our Shades of Sweetness pack. Infused with stevia, this tea helps to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol. This gift hamper is delivered in an elegant wooden crate with gorgeous purple-white blooms.

While this hamper can be gifted on any occasion, our personal recommendation would be to save it for the ladies. Juan Tea’s Youthful Red tea promises a rosy complexion to boost youthfulness, perfect for any teen to elderly lady.

Tonic & Fruity Vitality Pack

Show that you care for your loved one with this vitamin-filled gift hamper! It’s suitable for wishing someone a speedy recovery, as a present for a gym junkie bestie, or even as a gift for your elderly parents or in-laws. 

Our Tonic and Fruity Vitality Pack is filled with well-preserved tropical fruits. Receive fruits such as oranges, pears, and apples, along with packs of nutritional essences and drinks. This exquisite gift hamper contains Brand’s essence of chicken as well as Yu Xiang Yan’s white fungus bird’s nest. Definitely a spin on one’s taste buds!

Booster Basket

If your recipient is not a fan of essences, our Booster Basket is a safe way to impress them still. Show them your love with this variety of both local and exotic fruits, wrapped and presented in a stylish basket. With choices of mango, Fuji apple, grapes, dragon fruit, and more, your recipient will receive all the nutritional value (and love!) from your gift.

Suitable as a gift to those who need a health boost, such as recovering friends and family, corporate workers who work long hours, or pregnant/postpartum mothers.

Tasty & Fresh

Consider this an upgrade from the Booster Basket, as this massive crate of fresh tropical fruits comes with gorgeous flowers! Filled to the brim with scrumptious fruits, this gift is perfect for bigger occasions. Think of birthdays or retirements, or bigger groups and families.

Your recipient will receive a healthy variety of fresh fruits. Among the selection are avocados, forelle pears, green and red apples, kiwis and more. The Tasty & Fresh hamper is truly a statement piece in showing your love and care.

Treasure of Wellness

For your loved one who is struggling on the path to recovery or generally has poor health, we recommend our Treasure of Wellness. Perfect for some well-deserved recuperation and TLC indeed!

Your loved one will receive a basket filled with bottles of bird’s nest and essence of chicken, alongside a premium bottle of Dragon King ginseng honey. This treasure trove of wellness is packed into a gorgeous gift basket, with brightly coloured flowers as an added personal touch.

Stay Home Pack

This is a staple gift recommendation for those who are sick or recovering in self-isolation, or generally a get-well-soon gift for anyone!

The Stay Home Pack comes with loads of healthy snacks and goodies. We have the Amazin’ Grace Chocolate Banana Bowl Oat-Based Meal, and Antioxidant Berry and Nuts Trail Mix. Included are cranberry oatmeal cookies, cereal, and banana chips. It contains drinks such as Natur-a soy milk, Gusto Organic Sicilian Lemon with yuzu, and even a whole tin of Milo! This jam-packed gift basket also includes self-care products such as DermoMed Dermo Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash and Zand Orange Vitamin C Herbal Lozenges. 

Organic Goodness With Fruits

Last but not least, a gift for those who live a healthy, organic lifestyle. Our Organic Goodness with Fruits pack comes with all sorts of raw, natural and organic snacks, packed with assorted fresh fruits for a vitamin boost.

This wellness basket includes organic raw honey and unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar from Healthy Mate Raw, as well as non-dairy soy drinks and organic fruit juice. We threw in some cornflakes and muesli too, for an added crunch!

Show That You Care With Simply Hamper Today

Oftentimes, the people that we hold close and dear to us are actually the ones that we find the hardest to convey our feelings to. Bonus points if you come from an Asian family, where ‘I love you’s are rare to come by, and are normally shown through actions like cutting fruit for you, or buying you an extra drumstick for your chicken rice.

No matter for what occasion, event, or if you simply need a hamper to say ‘get well soon” or ‘I love you’, we have it all. Just like our name suggests, our philosophy is to simply encourage gifting from the heart. Visit us at Simply Hamper if you’re in the market for a gift hamper, available throughout Singapore!