Simply Hamper | Highschool Sweethearts – What’s Their Secret?

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Have you heard of the term ‘highschool sweethearts’?

They are defined as a couple who have managed to sustain a relationship throughout and after highschool, and later onto marriage. People say that these couples tend to be the strongest and happiest couples!

But it is rare for highschool sweethearts to withstand the test of time, and continue having a successful, long-term relationship. As humans, people grow and change as the years go by, and maturing as they learn more about life – and each other. This may cause relationships to drift apart or go sour.

However it’s still nice to have some insight into the longevity of highschool sweethearts’ relationships. Here are some tips for a lasting relationship with your significant other.

Honesty and Communication Is Key

As cliche as it sounds, it’s still worth saying a million times! Never hide behind fake words or false assumptions. If you have a problem, talk about it. Don’t say that everything is ‘fine’ when it’s not – we know how it goes!

Always remember that your emotions are valid, and it’s your right to express them, even if it makes your partner uncomfortable. But that’s what relationships are all about. 

Talk it out together and make your partner aware of your feelings, but ensure that they are also in a receptive mood. Ranting and venting at the wrong times may lead to difficult, tense situations. Bottling up your emotions and letting them fester is also bad, as it builds resentment and grudges that are hard to address, the longer you hold them in. 

Change Is Inevitable

If you’re in a long term relationship, you’re both going to have to recognise that change is inevitable. You’re both going to change over the years, and you’ll have to be able to enjoy that journey together. 

The person you are at 20 may not – or actually, most definitely not – be the same person as you are at 30, 40 or 50. You and your partner have to be flexible enough to allow each other to change, but do so together, in a way that both of you can understand.

Me Time

You and your partner aren’t joined at the hip – and shouldn’t be! Both of you have your own interests and hobbies, and you’re both not obligated to always include your partner in the things that you do, or the places that you go to. Remember, a relationship involves two people, and you and your partner deserve to have time to yourself.

We’re allowed to be supportive of our partners’ hobbies and interests. Of course, your partner doesn’t have to join you on your hobbies, but you can invite them if they are interested! For example, one person could like gaming, and the other could be interested in hiking. Two absolutely different hobbies, but they can make it work. 

It’s growing rather common for couples nowadays to even sleep in different beds or rooms. They still spend time together before bed, but they enjoy sleeping in their own bed, with their own pillows and blankets. Even if couples still share a bed, it’s common practice to have your own blanket now, rather than fighting over one!

Even going on vacations without your partner can qualify, if you choose to go with friends or family instead. If you’re married with children, opt to take a childless vacation once a year if you can. This helps to reconnect with each other’s presence and hobbies, while enjoying yourselves fully. 

Learn How to Argue

For those couples that say ‘we don’t argue’ – they’re probably lying. It’s super important to learn how to argue productively in a relationship. It’s unhealthy to have ‘no arguments’ in a relationship, as you’re bound to eventually disagree on things. Argue, but do it in a constructive way.

Instead of trying to win an argument, your objective should be to find compromises and a solution. Don’t just concentrate on making your own point; allow your partner to speak and listen to their opinions as well. Arguments are more about listening to and comprehending each other’s points of view than it is about having the best viewpoint entry. You can always disagree, as long as you do so constructively, of course!

In the heat of the moment, avoid saying things you might later regret. Keep in mind that you want to solve the problem, not upset each other. Maintaining your composure and avoiding  insults, sarcasm, name-calling, or even threatening to end the relationship shows that you respect both your partner and yourself.

Do Nice Things For Each Other

Study your partner’s love language, and do little things for them! You could make their favourite meal, buy them extravagant flower arrangements, or get them a little surprise gift like food or wine. Even if you don’t have the budget for it, it’s the little things that matter – even mopping the floor or doing the laundry can make your partner happy.

Don’t just do nice things when you’ve upset them, and are scrambling for an apology. Do them constantly, even when things are smooth-sailing in the relationship! Also keep in mind that you’re gifting or doing little things, don’t expect your partner to reciprocate, or expect something in return. You’re doing it out of love, not to keep score.

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