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Actions speak louder than words when you’re trying to get to know someone, but body language is the most audible of all. 

According to body language expert Traci Brown, it acts as a gatekeeper to a person’s inner thoughts and can help you determine what’s exactly on someone’s mind. 

As most of us know, people aren’t often very open about their thoughts and sentiments, particularly if they are romantic in nature (wink wonk). Some people are just better at expressing how they’re feeling through hand gestures, smiles, tilts of the head, etc. rather than saying it out loud.

Paying attention to their body language can help you figure out whether a guy likes you, if that girl has a crush on you, or if -heavens forbid- they’re not into you at all. On the bright side, if you’re romantically in-sync, you will also typically be in sync with the other person’s gestures and body language!

Ideally, your future partner will communicate with you and let you know how they feel. Body language analysis cannot compete with someone telling the truth out loud. However, other people move more slowly in relationships, and some may find it difficult to express emotions. 

Fortunately, there are a variety of signs and body language patterns to watch out for when attempting to determine someone’s level of interest in you. Let’s check them out!


They walk beside you – with bonus points if they walk with you on the inside.

Hear us out. If someone is constantly one or two steps ahead of you, it may indicate that they’re more concerned about themselves than you. Instead, they should be slowing down to match your pace. 

There are exceptions to this, of course, such as if they’re guiding you through a crowded area or leading the way in an unfamiliar area. If they ensure that you’re on the inside of the sidewalk or walkway, it’s a signal that they want to protect you, or at least care for your wellbeing.

Phones Down!

Let’s just say, we believe that not looking at your phone when you’re talking to someone is the absolute bare minimum someone could do. But it’s also a good sign that they like you – if the other person chooses to be engrossed in their phone, chances are that they’re not very interested in you at all!

Consider it a positive indicator if they intentionally put their phone down and focus on what you’re saying. If they’re asking follow-up questions, responding appropriately, and overall conversing with you, consider that a win. Bonus points if their facial expressions match yours, and they respond accordingly to the topic at hand.


Following up from the previous point, you can tell if you’ve struck gold with their topic of conversation. When talking to the other party, they’re actively responding and even guiding the conversation topic with questions and prompts. Eventually, they’ll start asking more personal questions about you, your likes and dislikes, your life, and more. These aren’t the normal “getting to know you” questions – these are questions that really try to get to know you for who you are.

One of the most common indications that someone likes you is when they make an effort to maintain a conversation. They’ll search for new conversation topics and find things in common with you. It’s one of the best ways to both learn more about the other person, and to connect more intimately with them!


When you’re unable to get some one-on-one time with your potential partner, fret not! Groups have a fascinating dynamic, making them the ideal setting for body language research. You can tell whether someone likes you if they face you in a crowd and speak to you as if you’re the only person there.

They will naturally gravitate towards you for a conversation if they’re interested in you. In the same way, you would do the same to them because you desire to spend time with them.


If the other party has a relaxed posture, it means that they’re comfortable with you. Their posture would most likely be relaxed shoulders, uncrossed hands and arms, an unclenched jaw and feet that are placed apart from each other.

If they’re feeling rather closed off or nervous, chances are that they’ll be more reserved around you. They might fidget, tuck their hands away, or direct their gaze elsewhere while you talk to them. Crossed arms might indicate that a person feels closed off or defensive. Open body language is an indication that someone is curious and attentive to you, so keep an eye out for that! 

The Neck Touch

The area around one’s neck and throat represents both vulnerability and communication. Look out for little things like the other person reaching up to play with their necklace, collar or tie. It’s usually a sign that they’re heavily interested in you, but chances are that they’re also super nervous!

People tend to touch their neck – particularly the dip where the neck joins the collarbones – as a means of self-soothing when they’re nervous or anxious. If they fidget with accessories around their neck, it means they’re really into someone, and are most likely bothered by it.

They Observe

Not everyone can be a flirty charmer! Introverts have their own ways of showing they’re into you, even if it’s harder to tell. Without even realising it, they may lower their head, lean in closer while you speak, or even move their body closer to yours.

If someone quiet is drawn to you, chances are that they’ll sit close to you – maybe not directly next to you, but close enough to watch you talk and respond to conversation. Their intense interest in you can be detected with brief eye contact, quick smiles, or even getting a little embarrassed by how many times you’ve looked at one another.

Mirroring You

When we admire someone, we often slightly imitate their stance and gestures. While this holds true for even friends, it takes it up a notch when you’re with someone that you like.

If it suddenly feels like you’re looking into a mirror when talking to someone that might be into you, chances are that it’s a sign. People begin to act like each other unconsciously when they like and connect with one another. Examples include maintaining the same posture while sitting, adopting the same terminology and word usage, and so forth.

It might be a sign of common ground if they “see themselves” in your actions!

Their Feet

We’re not being weird, we swear. If you glance at someone’s feet and they are pointing in your direction, that is one of the stranger signs that they’re into you.

The logic behind this is that feet are highly involved in the fight-or-flight response that kicks in when you’re in danger. They’re largely controlled by your subconscious, and are usually an easy tell. So if you’re comfortable with someone, chances are that your feet will be pointing towards them!

Their Pupils Dilate

Dilation is a brain response that occurs when you like and are attracted to something. But if you’re in a really dark area, don’t accept this as a specific sign. 

However, if it appears in conjunction with other indicators and there is regular lighting, you are in the right place!

Given that we have no control over it, this is a great sign to look out for. When talking to someone you’re interested in, try to maintain eye contact – chances are there’s mutual attraction, especially if their pupils dilate.

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