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The smell of fresh flowers accompanied by a soothing pot of warm, flavourful tea, and delectable cookies are the ideal lazy day must-haves.
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Featured Product

Black Truffle with Walnuts Cookie By Old Seng Choong

Dark chocolate cookies are a classic, but these black truffle, walnut cookies are in a league of their own. Locally made, these cookies are buttery and packed with flavour. They will surely become your newest guilty pleasure to snack on throughout your day.

Featured Product

Gula Melaka Cookies By Old Seng Choong

Put your baking sheets away because the cookies are on us. Made with one of Singapore’s favourite ingredients, enjoy perfectly baked cookies that offer the sweet, yet delicate, taste of Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar). A single bite will surely leave you craving for more.

Featured Product

Cooling Yellow Tea By Juan Tea

Wash down your treats with a calming mug of tea. Consisting of Chrysanthemums and Arhat Fruit Flowers, this herbal tea will cool you down on a warm, sunny day. It’ll also pep you up to your best with its rejuvenating features.

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Tea 101

Tea is not as complicated as you might have assumed. A comprehensive tea guide will help you improve your overall understanding of the different types of tea, such as green tea or black tea, and make them so unique from one another.

Everyone has a wide range of preferences when it comes to a variety of topics. The ultimate tea and cookie combination is one such heated discussion, and it’s hard to say which pairing is the tastiest. Read through the different combinations and find out which is your favourite.

The perfect way to illustrate your warm wishes or appreciation to friends and family is with a gourmet food hamper. Stunningly crafted and bursting with high-quality, delicious food that people adore. Your sumptuous gift will certainly be received with open arms.

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Our gift sets are among the best in Singapore. That’s because we carefully choose the highest-quality products to include in each of our hampers. We put a tremendous amount of thought and effort into every gift we create, from the types of tea blends, to the careful flower delivery service we provide.

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