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For any special occasion, send your warmest wishes with a delicious cake, by Cat & the Fiddle, and a bouquet of beautiful flowers. In Singapore, we offer free cake and flower delivery.

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Apple of My Eye By Cat and the Fiddle

For apple crumble fans, this is the ideal birthday cake. Its delectable flavours will keep you coming back for more. Send it to a friend or family member so they can relax and enjoy a wonderful slice of cake on their day off.

Featured Brand

Naughty and Nice By Cat and the Fiddle

Who doesn't love a chocolate cake with a rich texture and flavour? Another classic no-bake cake with a spongy base, this delectable chocolate cake will undoubtedly bring a smile to your loved one's face when they receive it.

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Blooming Affection

A lovely bouquet that will rekindle the romance in any relationship. Send a bouquet of fresh Eustoma and other flowers to the person who means the most to you while you spend your perfect day together.

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