About Simply Hamper

A wide selection of tastefully curated products beautifully arranged in exquisite hampers that portray the true spirit of giving is at the heart of what we do. We take pride in crafting artistic arrangements that exude emotion and tell a compelling story each and every time!

Simply Hamper started as a packer’s dream to give back to the world and create beauty in a basket, and grew into a flourishing business through hard work and dedication. Having the privilege to team up with social enterprises such as Stirring Hearts and Metta Café in sourcing products and handmade cards for our hampers, we strive to meet a certain Corporate Social Responsibility goal that we think is essential in the gifting industry.

We strongly believe that the spirit of gifting should be extended to the less fortunate individuals in our community, and not just the consumer, and we hope to inspire and encourage people from all walks of life to work together in building a better world.

In addition to our lovely contribution from the community, our hampers come packed with produce carefully selected from top brands all over the world, masterfully brought together to suit any occasion and help you convey your heartfelt messages to your recipients in a warm and inviting way. Asides from hampers you can send to congratulate your recipient on one of life’s many wonderful occasions, we also offer bespoke personalised corporate hampers that make an excellent tool for business and public relations.

Our elite team of highly talented individuals assembles each hamper with extra care, putting their heart and soul into every detail, while they work tirelessly to meet our clients’ needs, and more often than not, to exceed their expectations.

We have a real concern about our customers’ experience, as freshness and quality of our products are a priority, and we remain committed to transforming each arrangement in a gift that leaves a memorable impression for every unique request.

 Alexis Tan with Simply Hamper