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Do you deliver Nationwide?

No, unfortunately we only deliver in Singapore

Do you do same day delivery?

Yes, kindly refer to the delivery schedule

Do you call the recipient prior to delivery?

As we are handling a huge number of deliveries a day, we are unable to call every recipient prior to delivery.  

In the event where the recipient is not in the premises during the point of delivery, we will give them a ring for the recipient to get permission to leave it by the reception or by the doorstep

Do you accept self collection?

Yes, please use our office address as your delivery address and fill in your name and contact number when adding the recipient. We’ll contact you for the arrangement as soon as we receive your order.

Self-collection address: 63, Ubi Ave 1 #05-02, [email protected], S408937

Can you deliver at specific time eg. 9am sharp?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely for our drivers to reach the address at a specific time as it is dependent on the route taken.

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to almost every inch of Mainland Singapore, except for the airport, Sentosa, and other Singapore islands.

Why did my order arrive late?

Due to certain inconveniences (i.e. torrential rain, vehicle breakdown, issues that occured in previous deliveries) an order may be delayed. However, please be reassured that we complete all orders within the same day.

To check on your delivery, please contact our customer service officer at +65 64433011

What happens when I provide the wrong address?

Please check your delivery address first before submitting your order. Unfortunately, Simply Hamper Singapore Pte Ltd cannot be held responsible for any failed deliveries that occur as a result of the following:

– The recipient’s unavailability at the specified delivery address within the specified delivery period

– An incorrect delivery addresses

– There is insufficient information about the recipient to complete the delivery

– The contact telephone number of the recipient is incorrect or invalid

If you realise that you have provided incorrect information, please contact Customer Support on +65 6280 2212 at least 48 hours in advance of the requested delivery time.

What happens if the recipient is not available at the delivery address at the time of delivery?

If perishable products are not delivered as a result of the recipient’s unavailability or inaccurate delivery information, the purchaser will be required to meet any additional delivery charges.

If redelivery of any gift hampers that contains fresh fruits, beverages, gourmet items or other perishable products is not made on the same working day or the next working day, there will be a requirement to replace your order with a new gift to ensure the freshest products. The replacement will be at a 50% discount off the original price.

Return and refund

I have changed my mind, can I cancel the order?

Orders can be canceled or amended at least 48 hours ahead of the scheduled delivery date by calling our Customer Service Team at 6443 3011.

However, once payment is made, the value of the order can only be credited as store credit to the purchaser’s account and not as a direct refund.

Any cancellation or amendment made less than 48 hours ahead of the scheduled delivery date will incur an administrative charge of $15.

If order is out for delivery, no refund will be given for any cancellation.
Additional $3 of bank charges will apply for any refund.

What if the hamper/gift that I have ordered is damaged?

Please make sure to check the gift(s) at the point of delivery/during self collection.

If the gifts are indeed damaged at the point of delivery (the driver will usually be able to make an assessment), please let us know and we will make alternative arrangements for you.

Product and stock

How fresh are the fruits in the hampers?

We only make the fruit hamper upon receiving the order. This is to ensure your recipient receives the fruit in the freshest condition possible.

What is the shelf life of hampers?

Many products in our hampers have a shelf life of 2 months or more. Please take this into consideration when choosing the delivery date. Hampers containing fruits and baked products are highly perishable, and need to be refrigerated upon receipt. If you receive products that are expiring within the next 2 months, please notify us immediately for an exchange.
We strongly recommend that all baked items be consumed within 7-10 days upon receipt. Please refer to the expiry date on the packaging of the products in the hampers as a guideline, and discard all products once they are past the expiry date.
We cannot accept returns or offer refunds on products that were delivered earlier, but were kept past the expiry date on the customer’s end.

What is the quality of the flowers in the arrangements and bouquets?

Our flowers are the epitome of freshness and vivacity, each stem is carefully selected to meet the highest standards.

What should I do when I receive a fruit basket

Please remove the fruit from the basket and store it in a refrigerator

Are your cakes Halal Certified?

Yes, our cakes are from Cat and the Fiddles, which is Halal Certified.

Can I change the content of the hamper?

Sorry we do not do customization.

Order issue

How can I track my order?

You may track your order by calling our customer service officer at +654433011. To check your order, please prepare the order number. I.e 1000XXXX

Can I place order via phone ?

Sorry, we only take in online order. Please visit

How do I know if my order has been received and is being processed?

Once your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email within an hour. If you have placed an order online and have not received an email, please call our Customer Services Hotline on +65 6443 3011

How many days in advance can I place my order?

You may place your order 30 days in advance of your desired delivery date.

What happens if some items I have ordered are out of stock?

All of our items should be in stock but in the rare event that this happens, we will substitute it for an equal or greater value item.

Is it possible to include a personal message?

Yes, just type your message in the field provided at checkout and we will include it in your gift.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be canceled or amended at least 48 hours ahead of the scheduled delivery date by calling our Customer Service Team at 6443 3011.
However, once payment is made, the value of the order can only be credited as store credit to the purchaser’s account and not as a direct refund.

Any cancellation or amendment made less than 48 hours ahead of the scheduled delivery date will incur an administrative charge of $15.
If order is out for delivery, no refund will be given for any cancellation.
Additional $2 of bank charges will apply for any refund.

Can we apply for credit term payment for corporate purchases?

Yes, please write in to us at [email protected] for the application form.

Payment and Promo code

What Payment method do you accept?



Use any payment method on the growing list of ways to fund a PayPal account in your country. Once you have funded your PayPal account, you can use our single-click PayPal express feature to speed through checkout.

Are the payment Secure?

All transactions submitted to us are encrypted with 128 SSL software which encrypts information you input to protect it from interception by outside parties. 

SIMPLY HAMPER is committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and protection against fraud. We stay up-to-date with the latest in security technologies to ensure that your credit card information, contact information and shipping/billing information are confidential and safe.

What currency am I paying?

When possible, SIMPLY HAMPER will try processing your payment in your local currency. There are however some limitations and special cases in which we will have to charge your card in SGD. In those cases, the conversion is handled by your financial institution.

How do I use my Promo code to pay for an order?

At checkout, key in the promo code into the promo code box.The total shown will be after the deduction of the promo code.

The voucher can only be used in the same currency as it was bought in – double check if you’re shopping on the right site.

If you’re spending more than the value of your gift voucher, you’ll need to pay the extra using another payment method.

If you’re spending less than the value of your gift voucher, the credit will stay on your account for you to spend later.

Please utilize the promo code before it expires.

Can I use a promo code on top of the existing promotion on the website?

 Promo code discounts cannot be combined with other promotions, offers or discounts.

Are there any discounts available ?

Create an account to be a Very Important Gifter (VIG) to enjoy a 5%discount. Simply create an account by clicking on the link



I’m having trouble signing into my account

You must sign into your account before you can shop with us, or if you want to see or track your orders. If you receive a message that says your email address/password isn’t recognised, these are a few things worth checking:

Make sure you are using the same email address and password you registered with.

If you can’t remember your password click on the ‘forgotten password’ link on the sign in page. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address and we’ll send you an email with a link that will allow you to create a new password for your account.

If you enter your email address and/or password incorrectly three times, your account will be locked for 30 minutes.

If you are still unable to sign in, contact our Customer Care Team, and give as much detail as you can about the issue, including screenshots of error messages and what you’ve done so far to try to resolve it.

I’m having trouble accessing your website. What should I do?

If you’re having trouble with the website we’d suggest you try the following:

1. Delete your cookies

You may need to delete your cookies – a cookie is a small file we store on your computer to let us know who you are next time you visit us (for more information about cookies, click here).

Please note that if you have items in your bag or in your ‘Saved items’ section that were added when you weren’t logged in, you’ll need to make a note of the product name/code as deleting your cookies could clear this history.

On most internet browsers you can delete your cookies using ‘Tools’ or ‘History’.

2. Restart your browser

Once you’ve cleared your cookies, close your browser, reopen it and visit our site again. You should be able to use it without any more problems.

3. Update your operating system

We also suggest that you use the latest version of your operating system provider e.g. Windows, OSX etc.

4. Contact Us

If you’re still having problems, contact our Customer Care Team with the following information:

As much detail as you can about the issue

Screenshots of any error messages you get

Which web browser you’re using (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.)

What you’ve done so far to try to resolve it