Newborn Baby Boy Gifts & Hampers

Discover the perfect baby boy gift hampers with playful accessories and practical essentials!

Whether it's a baby shower or welcoming a newborn baby boy, Simply Hamper has the best curated new baby boy gift hampers for you.

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Little Mr Muffet

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$100.00 Inclusive of GST & Free Delivery
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$113.00 Inclusive of GST & Free Delivery
$121.00 Inclusive of GST & Free Delivery
$123.00 Inclusive of GST & Free Delivery
$123.00 Inclusive of GST & Free Delivery

Little Prince Recreation

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$151.00 Inclusive of GST & Free Delivery
$157.00 Inclusive of GST & Free Delivery
Out of stock
$228.00 Inclusive of GST & Free Delivery

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Baby Girl Gifts

We offer a wide selection of baby girl hampers, each carefully curated to include a range of items. Whether you're looking for a gift or something a little more practical, we have a hamper that's perfect for you. Pick a hamper today and celebrate the joyous occasion

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Baby Essentials For Newborns

Our essentials for new borns collection is a one-stop shop for new parents looking to stock up on the essentials. The collection includes a variety of items that are sure to be useful for babies of all ages, from toys and play gyms to activity tables and more.

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Baby Diaper Cakes

Simply Hamper offers a unique and creative gift option for new parents: diaper cakes! These cakes are made with a variety of diapers and other baby essentials, and they can be customised to fit the personality of the new parents or the baby. 


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Baby Eating Hampers

Our baby feeding essentials are a one-stop shop for everything you need to make feeding time easy and enjoyable for new parents and their babies. The hampers are filled with high-quality, safe products, including bibs, bowls, spoons, and other feeding essentials.

We offer a variety of natural and organic hampers that are made with fresh ingredients. They are perfect for parents who want to give their babies the best possible start in life. All of the items are made with all-natural ingredients, making it the perfect gift for health-conscious parents.

Bath time is a special time for new parents and their babies. It's a time to bond, relax, and get clean. And what better way to make bath time even more special than with a thoughtfully curated hamper from our baby bath hampers featuring our baby bath essentials?

Flowers are a beautiful way to celebrate special occasions, such as the birth of a new baby. We offer a wide variety of flower bouquets that are perfect for new mothers. We have the perfect flower selection to welcome a new bundle of joy!

Our Commitment To You

At Simply Hamper, we truly believe in gifts from the bottom of your heart. That’s why we’ve put all our effort into making the best baby hampers in Singapore, both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing. Our hampers are the perfect baby gifts for baby showers and other baby celebratory occasions. 

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