Hidden Meanings Behind Flowers in Wedding Bouquets

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Ordering wedding bouquets online can be rather challenging. There is a miscellany of factors to be considered when picking out your bouquet, such as the size, style and even colour of the blooms involved. Perhaps the most important part of the selection process resides on the type of flowers which have been delicately hand-picked to form the bouquet of your dreams. But did you know that each flower in a wedding bouquet carries its own hidden meaning?

Here are several examples of popular flowers for wedding bouquets and their own special meanings:

1. Rose

The most ubiquitous flower found in wedding bouquets online, roses are one of the most stunning works of nature found across the globe. A general symbol of love and desire, the colour of each rose carries a slightly different meaning, although the overall consensus is that roses are simply a beauty to be held on their own. Red roses usually symbolise passion and deep desire. Pink roses are more delicate and add a softer, feminine touch. White roses are innocence, humility and purity defined. Some rarer rose colours such as purple represent splendour and royalty.

2. Calla Lilies

wedding flower bouquet packages

Lilies are often the mark of purity and eternity. The sheer delicateness of this flower and its gentle disposition has made it one of the most sought-after blooms in weddings worldwide. Perhaps the most interesting scion of all lilies is the calla lily, a magnificent offshoot with traditionally white blooms. Although the calla lily comes in a multitude of gentle shades, the secret meaning behind the bloom resides not in its colour, but is rather defined by the societies which use the flower for various occasions. A general symbol of purity and rebirth, the calla lily is also viewed as a mark of purity and faith in certain religious circles. Other social spheres take the calla lily as a representation of innocence and youth everlasting.

3. Eustoma

In a passing glance, eustomas carry a similar appearance to roses and could be easily substituted in wedding bouquets if you cannot get a hold of a cluster of roses for your wedding. Not only do these gorgeous blooms come in soft, pastel shades, but eustomas generally symbolise a long, happy and contented life bursting with blessings.

4. Hydrangea

Wedding Flower Bouquet Packages

Some wedding bouquets online feature hydrangeas as the lead flower in their bouquet composition. Hydrangeas are the epitome of opulence and wealth, and also come in several interesting shades with individual meanings of their own. Pastel pink hydrangeas are often linked to tender love and romance, which is a common recurring theme in marriages and weddings. Purple hydrangeas are a mark of abundance and overflowing wealth, and also doubles up as a deeper desirous connection to your loved one. Green hydrangeas are a rarity, but carry Mother Nature’s own tender caress in their petals. Their unique colour makes them highly coveted, and since all green hydrangeas eventually turn white in time, you would definitely want to snatch this beauty up when they are in season.

5. Peony.

Peonies are distinguishable by their lush blooms which give off the appearance of a rose hybridised with a chrysanthemum. Unique and alluring by nature, peonies symbolises wealth, romance and steadfast love. Although its symbolism is contrasted in different religious spheres, peonies are often used as a marker of long-lived prosperity and abundant joy in weddings. Carefully weaved into wedding bouquets alongside smaller blooms, peonies are most certainly one of the more popular flowers used in grand occasions.

Thus, picking out a suitable online bouquet might not seem like a frigid task, especially if you have set your eyes upon a particular type of flower. Each bloom and blossom might carry its own secret meaning or symbol, but ultimately, the day is yours, so pick the flower that piques your fascination and makes your heart thud the most.

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