How to Throw a Tea Party with Simply Blooms’ Flower Gift Set

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Do something different this weekend. Time to take a breather from the pockets of time in your hectic lineups with a relaxing get-together with your friends. Instead of going out to cafes, why not host a tea party in the comfort of your own home instead with Simply Blooms’ flower gift set!

Designed with practicality in mind, our team has worked with Juan Tea, one of the top tea providers in Singapore and Old Seng Choong, a local bakery well-known as the taste of Singapore, to pair tea and cookies with our elegant flowers to develop a string of unique flower gift packages.

Still wondering how to host a simple yet memorable tea party with our new products? It’s easier than you think!

Step 1: Have a theme in mind.

Be it a simple tea party or a grand event, having a theme can function as the glue that unifies your whole event. Having the right theme in mind can set the tone of the event and make it truly memorable for the guests. It can also help you to save time by allowing you to identify and prepare everything from decoration, to food, to door gifts and such, easily.

Step 2: Prepare your tea party supplies.

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It is essential to get ready with your tea party by having a nice set of tableware and cutlery to hold the snacks and eat with, of course. These include, but are not limited to, teapot, cups, saucers and tea spoons and forks. Nice tea party supplies that match with your tablecloth and your party theme are like the cherry on top!

Step 3: Prepare the food.

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Finger food such as sandwiches, scones and fruit tarts are common party food. Step it up a notch by using Old Seng Choong cookies found in our new flower gift combo as well! What’s unique about these cookies are that they come in a variety of localized flavours of Singaporean favourite foods, such as cereal prawn, gula melaka, putu mayam and smokey bakwa. These cookies will surely tickle your tastebuds!

Step 4: Prepare the tea.

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There are a lot of tea options in the market. You may be wondering, which one should you choose to serve your guests? To save the hassle of researching which tea suits your event best, our flower gift package already contains premium tea that can be paired perfectly with your choice of cookies. Besides, the soothing benefits of peppermint and jasmine found in Juan Tea Relaxing Blue tea is just what you and your friends need to let your hair down!

Step 5: Prepare door gifts.

It is a simple but sweet gesture, but guests will remember your party more when they get to bring home a small souvenir. You may choose to make or buy your own gifts, but a quick and easy way is to give each guest a flower! Simply Blooms carries a wide array of hand bouquets and flower gift packages to save the hassle of gifting.

Step 6: Set the tea table.

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Last but not least, it’s time to assemble everything. You may choose how best to arrange all the snacks, beverage, cutleries and gifts. But something still seems to be lacking? The solution is to brighten up any space with flowers! You can choose to decorate the tea table with a lovely hand bouquet. Complemented with free flower delivery, our charming flowers will transform a dull table into an Instagram-worthy spot!

Below is an infographic that summarizes the procedure on how to throw a simple tea party with our products with fewer:

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Get one of our flower gift sets now to host your own tea party!

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