Attention to details

Keeping practicality in Mind

We have all received gifts that were impractical and had to store them in drawers because we felt bad about throwing them out. At Simply Hamper, we aim to make sure that every single item placed into our hampers is practical and luxurious at the same time!

For You

Tailor Made

We take care in choosing items that fulfil both the needs and desires of potential recipients for every gifting occasion, ensuring that each product incorporated into our gift baskets is useful. One interesting fact is that all our baby hampers are put together by a mother of 3, who has an innate sense of what mothers and babies would enjoy!


Modern Touches

When receiving a gift, first impressions are crucial.
We believe that memorable gifts always start with
an inviting, personalised unboxing experience. Gone are the days of tacky hamper packaging with old-school curling ribbons. Our goodies are placed in classy cream-coloured boxes that are custom-made using recycled paper and secured with hand-tied bows. Gift baskets from Simply Hamper are gorgeously woven, with cute bows as a finishing touch. We place utmost value in designing our hampers to bewitch the senses, especially sight!

For You

What You See Is What You Get

Our ideas start out as rough sketches on paper, and end up as exquisitely packaged gifts that delight your recipients! The freshness and quality of products we select are always guaranteed and we make sure that each hamper is perfect for gifting before we send them out.

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