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Find well-rounded halal hampers in Singapore that’ll satisfy all of your snacking needs.
We offer a wide assortment of gift hampers filled with certified halal items.

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Snack bites

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Snacks oh Crumbly

$65.00 Inclusive of GST & Free Delivery
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$95.00 Inclusive of GST & Free Delivery
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Featured Product

Chocolate Hazelnut By Amazin' Graze

A sweet treat that will leave you hungry for more. Not a lot of people will disagree with the fact that chocolate is one of the most addictive snacks to munch on. Enjoy these wonderful hazelnut and chocolate treats with your loved ones.

Featured Product

Almond Crunchy Maple Nougat By Golden BonBon

Made with rich honey and crunchy almonds, this treat is truly to die for. Flavourful, crunchy and addictive, its various textures will be an adventure for your taste buds. It’s the perfect treat to share with your friends and family.

Featured Product

Jalapeno Potato Chips By Joy Bean

If you want to change things up a bit, it’s for a savoury twist. Open up a bag of this delicious snack that packs a punch. It’s slightly spicy, yet addictive, flavours will tempt you to come back for more.

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Mindful Snacking Tips

The temptation to devour a food hamper filled with all your favourite, delicious snacks can be a struggle. The best way to enjoy all the yummy foods, while avoiding overindulging, would be to be mindful of these snacking tips. Incorporating these tips into your daily life will allow you to eat without the any temptation or guilt.

Why Do We Snack

It's a habit we all despise, but take great pleasure in. So, why do we snack? And does it have a massive impact on our lives? Read the article to learn about the science behind snacking, and what makes it so addictive.

Gift more: The Gift Of Wellness (Halal)

At Simply Hamper, we offer a variety of wellness hampers that are jam-packed with halal goodies to help your loved one experience a more holistic wellness experience from the comfort of their own home. We carefully research each product to ensure a complete holistic experience. Send one to someone you care about, and help them get back on their feet in no time.

Our Commitment To You

At Simply Hamper, we believe in gift-giving that comes from the heart. Our gift hampers are made to deliver the warmest wishes, and include a variety of goodies that will be appreciated and loved by your loved ones.

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