Top 5 Grand Opening Flower Stands in Singapore

It’s always a joyous occasion when a loved one follows their dreams and launches a new business venture. If you were a part of their journey since day one, or simply observing their journey to success, you must be incredibly proud of how far your loved one has reached. 

It is essential to show your support and encouragement by sending them something special. A thoughtful gift can convey your appreciation for their hard work and inspire them to continue chasing their dreams. It can also serve as a symbol of motivation and a reminder that they have a supportive group of people that are proud of their achievements. 

One of the best ways to congratulate a loved one’s new business is to send them a wonderfully arranged congratulatory flower stand that’ll put a smile on their face. Check out some of our opening ceremony flowers, and your gift will surely stand out from the rest!

Garden of Prosperity (III) grand opening stand

Garden of Prosperity (III)

This hamper is the ideal present for business owners, entrepreneurs, or anyone starting a new journey. It is certain to make any event joyful and prosperous. The Garden of Prosperity (III) flower stand is a gift that will be cherished for years to come thanks to its exquisite design and premium materials.

Whispers of Luxury (II) grand opening stand

Whispers of Luxury (II)

Say hello to the Whispers of Luxury (II), the flower stand commemorating the achievements of your beloved recipient! On this stand, there are many of beautiful Brassica, Lilies, Orchids, Red Ginger, Birds of Paradise, and Willows; making it the highlight gift during the opening day! It’s the best way to say “congrats” to someone special.

Bestowed Success (VI) grand opening stand

Bestowed Success (VI)

Congratulations are best expressed with Bestowed Success (VI)! Thanks to its distinctive design and cheerful colours, this flower stand is sure to make an impact and make everyone smile.

Garden of Prosperity (II) grand opening stand

Garden of Prosperity (II)

If you’re looking to guarantee that a loved one’s success will constantly prosper, the Garden of Prosperity (II) should be your pick of the bunch! Whether it’s a new store, office, or restaurant, the Garden of Prosperity (II) flower stand will surely brighten up the space and bring joy to the recipients.

Abundance of Luck (VIII) grand opening stand

Abundance of Luck (VIII)

With our gorgeous Abundance of Luck (VIII) grand opening flower for shop opening, you can spread happiness and positivity and make anyone’s day! This bouquet oozes elegance and sophistication with its lovely combination of vivid roses, cheery gerbera, and fluffy gossypium.

Grab a Congratulatory Flower Stand From Simply Hamper SG!

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