Inside a Christmas Gourmet Hamper

Christmas gourmet hampers

Ever wondered why Christmas gourmet hampers are delivered as gifts to loved ones and corporate clients in Singapore for so long? Or why Christmas gourmet hampers in Singapore are sometimes delivered with different variations of the same few products?

Below are a few origin stories of the products in a Christmas gourmet hamper that explain the festive elements inside a Christmas gourmet hamper.


Motor travel became popular in the 1900s and with that, the inclusion of tea and kettle inside a Christmas gourmet hamper also became popular. Motorist needing to travel for long hours would stop at the side of the road to rest, thus making tea a thoughtful gift that allow motorists to warm themselves up while travelling on the road during cold winter days.

christmas gourmet hamper

Some vendors in Singapore, like Simply Hamper, continue to honour a long tradition of care by delivering tea to their clients’ recipients via their Christmas gourmet hampers.


Back in the days, ancient Greeks used to drink heated wine mixed with herbs to keep themselves warm and fend off diseases. This tradition was passed on for centuries but eventually started to fade until it was popularised again by Charles Dickens’ famous novel – A Christmas Carol. Since then, having wine delivered as a gift became a must.

christmas gourmet hamper

On a more spiritual front, French kids are known for leaving wine for Santa Claus to thank him for the gifts he brought them. Perhaps that is why some of the more luxurious Christmas gourmet hampers in Singapore come with wine imported all the way from France.


Panettone is a Christmas cake with a many versions of origin stories. The most memorable one is that of a baker named Tony. Tony was an apprentice to the chef of a rich man with a bad temper.

On Christmas day, the busy chef accidentally left a cake in the oven for too long and burnt it. The chef became depressed knowing that his employer would be mad at him, but Tony decided that the only thing they could do was to bake another cake from the leftovers. Tony encouraged the chef and together, they put together everything they could find in the kitchen and put the mixture into the oven.

A sweet, fruity scent filled the kitchen soon later and the first panettone was baked. The rich man was delighted when the cake was delivered to him. As a thank-you to Tony for his help, the chef named the cake after Tony and called it Panettone. Therefore, one could argue that a panettone is the sweet mixture of Tony’s care for the chef and the chef’s gratitude towards Tony.

christmas gourmet hamper

Today, there are a number of Christmas gourmet hampers in Singapore that come with panettone. Some corporations in Singapore, such as Simply Hamper, even imports panettone from overseas to ensure the authenticity of the taste.

Christmas gourmet hampers come with a rich history of love, care and gratitude. As such, the popularity of these gifts are expected, especially in a country like Singapore where its citizens are known for their generosity during the festive seasons.

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