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It’s customary to send housewarming gifts to new homeowners! Regardless if they bought a house, rented an apartment or moved into a new room, it’s an occasion to celebrate with friends and family.

Fun fact – back in the day around the 16th century, housewarming gifts used to be practical items like firewood, bread, candles or rice. Traditional housewarming gifts were ceremonial and symbolic, with the addition of being useful!

Here are some examples of traditional housewarming gifts:

  • Wine: be happy and never go thirsty
  • Plants or flowers: have a lively home
  • Bread: may you never go hungry
  • Rice: have a home overflowing with love
  • Candle: may light shine during your darkest hours

If you’re shopping for a housewarming gift in Singapore, check out our suggestions below!

Chocolate Hamper

Presenting a new homeowner with chocolates will never go amiss. It’s almost like a reward for going through all the hassle of moving in, unboxing and setting up the new house. After all the heavy lifting, your friends can settle into their new home while savouring delicious gourmet chocolate treats!

Brighten up the mood with our Chocolate Mood hamper! This crowd favourite hamper features not only gourmet chocolate goodies, but also salty nuts and sparkling juice to go with them. Presented in an exquisite gift basket, it’s definitely one of our best choices for a housewarming gift. As a bonus, it’s halal too!

If you’re looking for halal gift hampers in Singapore, check out our Halal Hampers category for more!

Food Hamper

Maybe you’re in the market for a food gift that’s more substantial than chocolate – we got you!

Our food hampers are packed with a rich variety of food and snacks, suitable for all palates and tastes. It also helps that you’re helping your recipient stock up on their (most likely) still-empty pantry. Check out our amazing range of food hampers here!

We recommend our Blissful Greetings gift hamper for new homeowners. Aptly named for the occasion, this hamper features a variety of yummy and nutritious goodies. Enjoy Julie’s Butter Waffles, Bonz Cookie Crunchy Oat & Sesame, Cowhead Cappuccino Butter Cookies and other chocolate and nut treats! Packed in an exquisite tray box, this hamper is truly a perfect gift to indulge in.

Visiting Animals

Aquariums, zoos, cat cafes or petting zoos aren’t just for kids, contrary to popular belief! It’s rather comforting to look at animals or even pet them, and definitely works as a change of scenery as compared to the usual city life. For an added bonus, book a feeding session with penguins, or take a tractor ride around a farm to add a little jazz into the outdoor experience!

Wine Hamper

It’s customary to bring some wine or champagne to a housewarming get-together. Arguably, it’s one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore. However you can make your wine gift stand above the rest with an exquisite gift box!

Our Beautiful Celebrations wine bundle was certainly named for the occasion! What a beautiful celebration it truly will be, with this classy set of Vino Fernandez Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. Packed in an exquisite wine craft, this wine hamper comes with a gorgeous flower arrangement to add to the occasion.

Take a look at our Wine Gifts page for the finest wine and champagne we have to offer.

Fruit Basket

Fruit baskets are always a thoughtful gift, appropriate for any occasion! Healthy, refreshing and pleasing to the eye, fruit basket gifts can brighten up anyone’s day. Send your heartfelt wishes and congratulations to the new homeowners with a variety of fresh fruits.

The Juicy Joy fruit hamper is certainly a gift meant for celebrations. This hamper is filled to the brim with delicious, juicy fruits, picked and delivered fresh alongside a gorgeous bouquet of yellow and pink flowers for an extra sweet touch.

Visit our Fruit Basket page to find out more about our offerings, and choose your favourite fruit basket today!

Candle Hamper

If your recipient has a delicate diet or food allergies, there are non-edible options available for a housewarming gift too! 

Scented candles would be the ideal choice for a new home. They help set a homely mood, and create a relaxing atmosphere for the new occupants. After a hard week of moving in, sorting boxes, endless cleaning and vacuuming, your recipient can then light up a candle, sit back, and relax.

We recommend our Spring Awakening as a beautiful housewarming gift! It comes with a Round Gel Light Rosemary and an exquisite mini bouquet of baby’s breath. Refreshing and light, it makes for a wonderful welcome gift.

Take a look at our Scented Candles & Botanica Series for our heavenly range of scents!

Flower Hamper

Another option for a beautiful housewarming gift would be flowers! A new home means a new start – a blank slate for a fresh beginning. What better way to celebrate the occasion than a bouquet of fresh flowers? Not only do they bring joy and a sense of freshness, their scent and colours help to provide a more cheery atmosphere to a new home.

Think out of the box, and consider purchasing some flowers in a vase! Beautiful flowers arranged in a stunning vase arrangement are the perfect housewarming gift. Take a look at what we offer here on our Table Flower Arrangements page.

We recommend gifting our Pretty in Pink flower bundle! It’s a stunning arrangement of beautiful, soft pink flowers, accented with ivory cotton and gorgeous eustoma. It’s an elegant gift that will no doubt brighten any living space, especially a new home!

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