Simply Hamper | 9 Self-Care Activities You Can Squeeze In

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You’re probably aware that you need to add more self-care activities into your daily routine, but lack the time to do so. It can be really hard to find time for yourself, especially when it comes to decompressing and resting. We get you!

The fact is, self-care shouldn’t be something you save for future vacations or require several days off from work to do – although, that sounds glorious. Self-care should be sprinkled throughout your days to prevent stress from building up, and to give yourself those little moments of delight. 

Learn to steal a moment and put yourself first with these handy little self-care tips, Simply Hamper-style.

Spend Time With a Pet

Pets can be soothing creatures, and our best friends indeed! Take some time out of your day to sit and stroke your cat or dog – or even hamster or bird. Focus on the softness of their fur or coat, talk to them, and match your breathing with them.

If you don’t have a pet, huddle down with a nice fluffy textured pillow or blanket. Yes, it may sound silly – maybe skip the talking part – but stimulating your senses with something comforting can actually have a bigger calming effect than you think!

Take a Quick Shower

While a luxurious bath with scrubs and body milks may sound tempting, sometimes the lack of time ruins the mood, and you have to settle for a 10 minute wash-and-go. But don’t let that deter you from enjoying it!

A quick, cooling shower on a hot day can really help to refresh and energize your body. Let the cool water soak through your hair and run down your face and body to get rid of the heat. Cool showers also help with better blood circulation, as blood vessels constrict and circulation focuses on the vital organs.

On the flip side, taking a warm shower on a colder day helps to rejuvenate the soul. A warm shower can assist to ease aching muscles, muscle tension, and knots in the same way that applying a hot pack to sore muscles does. The body’s blood circulation is aided by the hot water, which can assist to significantly lessen pain, promote healing, and reduce inflammation – perfect after a long day of work!

Practice Affirmations

You can say an affirmation aloud as many times as you like, whether it’s before bed, as you brush your teeth, or as you drive to work. Affirmations strengthen your sense of value and worth the more you use them, and they may even have a positive impact on your conduct. Similar to smiling at yourself in front of the mirror to feel better, affirmations can be stronger than that.

As corny as it sounds, we promise that it works!

Simple affirmations such as ‘I am happy to be me’, ‘I got this’, ‘I am strong’, ‘I can make a difference’, ‘I am ready’ and so on are able to strengthen your mind-body connection.

These encouraging self-statements can help you talk to yourself more confidently throughout the day and they make you say kind things to yourself when you normally wouldn’t. They can be really effective at boosting your self-esteem if you get the hang of them!

Shut It Off

Find yourself getting stressed at work, whether in the office or at home? Turn your computer off!

This goes for any electronic device such as your tablet, your laptop or even your phone. Disconnect yourself for ten minutes and use that time to make a cup of tea, close your eyes or take a quick shower. Learn to pull the plug and disconnect yourself.

Allow yourself a few minutes to do activities that slow down your heart rate and reduce your stress levels.  Even sitting down and taking 10 deep breaths will make you feel tremendously better!

Hydrate Yourself

Not only does this take 5 minutes away from the computer or other tasks, but it also has the added benefit of increasing your water intake for the day – always a plus!

Skip the caffeine and sugar to avoid spiking your body’s systems, and learn to make drinking water a mindful exercise. Put everything down and go get a glass of water to see how it feels as it goes down. Don’t rush through it; instead, take your time sipping and relaxing. Repeat with another glass, and you’ve achieved both mindfulness and more water; check and check!

Watch A Funny Clip

We repeat – you’re not slacking off! You’re just taking 10 minutes for a laugh break.

Scroll Tiktok, browse Youtube or watch a compilation of funny clips from your favourite series. This author’s personal recommendation is watching anything from Brooklyn 99 – we guarantee that it’s a fun time! Other than that, memes, clips of cute pets or even your favourite music videos can help to boost your mood and reduce your stress levels.

Devote a few minutes of your day to watch something that actively makes you smile or laugh. Learn to refresh your soul and spirit, and perk yourself up before resuming your tasks.

Make a Cuppa

Maybe the English were on to something with this practice. Making a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or even chai can be a self care activity for several reasons! The ritual of making it perfectly, the soothing smell, the warmth in your hands, and the delicious taste all work together to reduce stress and reset the mind.

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Drop Your Tension

Most of us have tension in our shoulders, which can build up throughout the day without us even realising it. Progressive muscle relaxation is an excellent technique for tuning in to your tension and teaching your body to distinguish between tense and relaxed muscles.

Squeeze each muscle group for the count of 5 from your toes to your shoulders and head, then release. Take note of how you feel when you release, as well as how nice the relaxed muscle feels! Spend 5 minutes doing this every day, and your body will thank you!

Order a Snack!

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Practising Self Care with Simply Hamper

At the end of the day, even something as simple as drinking a cold cup of tea or taking a number of deep breaths can be an act of self-care. Resist the urge to skimp on self-care because of the misconception that you “don’t have enough time”.

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